ORSC – Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching

ORSC – Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching

People exist in relation to each other and by definition comprise a system. The visible part is how we organise ourselves, i.e. the rules and structures that we develop to achieve common objectives. The non-visible part develops in parallel to this; it is just as important and does not depend on these rules, but on how they are transmitted, understood and carried out.

ORSC provides access to this ‘invisible’ information and feeds it into the system so that organisations, families, teams, couples, associations, etc. can all reach their maximum potential and achieve objectives, ensuring all its members take an interest.

What will you come away with?

  • A complete methodology to understand the different parts that comprise the system.
  • Knowledge of various tools that can be both professionally and personally incorporated and can be used to address specific problems.
  • The ability to identify the combined strengths of members of an organisation, government, family, etc.
  • Development of Meta-skills: ability to read signs, ask questions and discover hidden voices.

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“ORSC has been a unique experience. Its quality and excellence are obvious from the exhaustive training offered. What has most impressed me is how it transformed the vision I had of myself and my environment, as well as how I relate to others, both personally and professionally. Today ORSC is one of the tools I use to make my professional practice as a Coach stand out”

Jacky Levy, Co-Founder at Intuitive and Nexleco

"Human relationships are at the centre of everything that occurs between people - both at a personal and professional level. ORSC offers effective glasses to better understand the relationships between people and teams. It also provides tools to help people and teams effectively understand and resolve their challenges. Highly recommended"

Rabieh, Co-Founder at Institute of Passion