Strozzi – Embodied Leadership

Strozzi – Embodied Leadership

“We are what we do, and we’re always doing something”.

Observing what we do is a good way to find out who we are. To what extent are our actions in line with our objectives, be they personal or professional? If we have the presence and impact we desire, the quality relationships we want or the well-being necessary, it’s because of the decisions we make and the actions we take.

EMBODIED LEADERSHIP LEVEL ONE – An Introduction to Somatic Transformation

Leadership in Action One is a four-day course that lays down the foundations and considerations of somatic practice. It’s also the basic course and the gateway to any subsequent training you want to take at the Strozzi Institute.

Our goal in this course is to create leaders who are capable of embodying the virtues of authenticity, integrity, responsibility and confidence needed to take useful and creative actions, even under pressure.

What you do and how you do it turns into something that’s surprisingly revealing when you start to learn how to receive and give somatic assessments, and to observe yourself and your colleagues three-dimensionally.


Promises of this course include developing these skills:

  • Making and fulfilling on commitments
  • Delivering skillful assessments
  • Building strong teams and leading efficient meetings
  • Initiating and maintaining meaningful relationships
  • Building confidence and self-assurance
  • Learning effective communication
  • Gain peace, self-assurance and illusion due to your constant improvement

EMBODIED LEADERSHIP LEVEL TWO – Deepening into the path of leadership

Leadership in Action 2 deepens the level of embodiment of the leadership skills and distinctions learned in Leadership in Action 1.


  • Deeply explore the ways we are driven by our history when under pressure and how to shift those unwanted automatic reactions.
  • Develop an awareness of social and environmental conditions , historical influences and embodied ways of being when working with others.
  • Observe and take into account the whole person, allowing you to coordinate with others successfully to produce powerful results.
  • You will practice taking a stand for what is important to you and for the fulfillment of your goals.
  • Develop the skill of managing capacity and coordinating with others through making effective requests and declines.
  • Understand the application of the powerful leadership skill of insisting and quitting.
  • Develop a deeply authentic quality of presence (bodywork).


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“I was surprised by the programme, it lasted four very intense days. I learned much about myself and discovered that the body is an excellent ally if you know how to understand it. The course gives you many resources to use, which you must then apply and put into practice”

Elisabet Valls, Director of the Banco Sabadell JoBS Sogeviso Programme

“My body has been telling me for a long time that it wants to be part of my development and growth as a leader and facilitator. That's why I was looking for ‘what to do’. Since completing the Strozzi/Arise Action 1 Leadership workshop, my perspective has completed changed. I now explore the question ‘what should I be?’ My morning routine has completely changed with this new attitude. My focus is now on who I am in practice, who I choose to be, beyond simply ‘what I do’ in practice. Conversely, as every moment of the day is a practice, paying attention and being aware of my body in its three dimensions, gives me the answer to that same question. My body, and my awareness of it, allows me to easily understand who I am being. This gives me light and calm. Thank you”

Liberto Pereda, Learning and Growth Leader, The Leadership Circle

“I attended the Strozzi Level 1 Embodied Leadership workshop in 2017 with the aim of developing completely new leadership skills through somatic/corporal training. Not only did it remarkably support my development as a leadership coach, but it was also the most extraordinary personal experience in leadership training I have ever encountered, and gave me access to a whole new dimension of self-awareness. I recommend this course to anyone"

Alfonso Cuenca, Director and Leadership Coach Wert Executive Search